Software For Movers

DTS CONTACTS is an web-based online software service to manage your moving company.

You can quickly insert information about customer and his moving, print the quote and documents, check the calendar work. See how easy it is to enter the information of the visit when you’re in the customer’s home.

DTS CONTACTS is the light version of our established enterprise software DTS. The goal of this release is to allow small removals company to use, with a really low cost compared to market standards, a dedicated software that helps to manage jobs, print documents and optimizes the various phases of the work. Try it now and you’ll understand why you will be really useful.

DTS Contacts is a Online Software

Online Software (SaaS) is a new way to use the software always expanding. The definition Saas that is 'Software as a Service' is just the right one: use the software as a service without buying the license.


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 DTS CONTACTS is in the cloud, and you can use it with all your devices!

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